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How often should I change my belt?

If your vacuum uses a flat belt it should be changed frequently depending on use. Why? Flat belts stretch with use and will slip causing the roller to "bog down" in carpet decreasing efficiency. You may notice a burning rubber smell. For the average home, once every six months is reccomended. If you use your vac more often or commercially, every three months or more is needed. Geared style belts do not stretch and only have to be replaced if damaged or broken. 
When should I change my vacuum bag and filter?

Dust bags are not intended to be filled to the top or re-used.
Change bags when they are 1/2 to 2/3 full. This will maintain the vacuums cleaning power. For filters, follow the manufacturers recommendation for your unit. If your vacuum is bagless, the filters need to be changed frequently to maintain suction.

How often should a vacuum be serviced?

Again, it depends on use. If you are using the vac once or twice a week, it should be serviced once every year or so. If you're using it more often, or commercially, every six months is better. 

Should I buy an upright, canister or built in?

A good quality vacuum of any style will clean your home. All three will tackle most surfaces and jobs you require. It comes down to personal preference. If you have a lot of bare floors and stairs, a canister or central vac might be a better choice. For homes with more carpet, an upright is a good choice. We have a good selection of all styles  for you to choose from.

Is it ok to vacuum drywall dust?

Other than water, nothing could be worse for your vacuum. The dust tends to clog the filters quickly and some dust gets through to the motor, ruining the bearings. Do not pick up drywall dust unless your vacuum is intended for that purpose.

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