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If you're considering a central vacuum (built-in) for your home, we carry two of the best; Dynovac and Mvac. We also stock a variety of power heads such as Lindhaus, Sweep n Groom and Wessel Werk and parts and accessory kits to fit most other makes of central vacuums. Call us today.
Central Vac's
Attachment Kits
Sweep n' Groom power head kit.
Hose and tool kit
Dynovac D-100 Central Vacuum

Fully Cyclonic
No loss of suction
Lifetime warranty
6 Gallon Dirt Capacity
Made in Red Deer, Alberta

Lindhaus Power Head Kit

Includes: Lindhaus 12"  nozzle (14" version also available). Made In Italy

30' or 35' hose w/switch to turn off 
vacuum plus deluxe cleaning tools.

Wessel Werk Power Head Kit

Includes: Wessel Werk EBK360 power nozzle - Made In Germany

30' or 35' hose w/switch to turn off 
vacuum plus deluxe cleaning tools.

Sweep n Groom Power Head Kit

Includes: Sweep n Groom power nozzle.

30' or 35' hose w/switch to turn off vacuum plus deluxe cleaning tools.

Straight Air Kit

Ideal for the garage or in applications where a power nozzle is not required.

VacPan sweeper inlet.


Great for quick clean-ups. Installs in the kick board of a kitchen cabinet. Just sweep into the pan and the dirt goes right to the vacuum. No need to bring out the hose.

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Dynovac central vacuum showing various tool kits and power heads.
Serving Edmonton and area for 44 years.
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Edmonton, Alberta
Wessel Werk Kit
Mvac M80 Central Vacuum

Requires no outside venting 
Clean air system
Hybrid System - bag or bagless
700 Airwatts of power
Quiet operation - only 54 dB
Up to 7800 ft.2 operation
Made In Canada

All our central vacuums use standard 2" pipe and are an easy upgrade for your existing or roughed in system. We have all the materials you need to install in your home.
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